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Get Involved

There are many different ways in which you can get involved in Neighbourhood Watch

Become a Member

Anyone can become a member of Neighbourhood Watch. All we ask is that you are committed to working alongside your neighbours to help make the place where you live safer, friendlier and vibrant. We would like all members to support us in the spirit of our values: neighbourly, community-focused, inclusive, proactive, trusted and collaborative.

By becoming a member you take the first step to making your area a stronger and safer place to be. All members will receive access to crime prevention information and campaigns, support to run your local scheme, monthly national newsletters, and be more equipped to tackle important issues affecting your community.

Become a Coordinator

A Neighbourhood Watch coordinator is a volunteer who oversees their local Neighbourhood Watch scheme or groups of schemes in their area.

As a coordinator, you can:

  • Make contact and get to know your neighbours and invite them to join your scheme

  • Share relevant information with residents, your local policing team, other coordinators and partners

  • Try to identify any vulnerable or isolated neighbours and ensure they receive all relevant information

  • Encourage members to report suspicious incidents, criminal or anti-social behaviour to the police or local authority

  • Champion personal responsibility for community safety by sharing crime reduction information

  • Encourage members to improve their home, online and personal security

  • Promote the benefits of neighbourliness by keeping an eye out, helping keep homes, valuables and the vulnerable safe

  • Support your local police and other agencies by helping to identify and resolve problems or concerns in your community

Committee Vacancies

From time to time, committee roles may become vacant.

At present the position of Minutes Secretary is vacant.

If you feel you have the relevant skills and would like to volunteer for one of these positions, please get in touch.

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