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15 November 2023

This is a reminder about an upcoming event on Wednesday 15 November, between 10am and 1pm. West Sussex County Council will be holding a free, live digital support and scams awareness day at Crawley Library. From 10am - 11.30am the team will be presenting an in-person and online session, providing you with the knowledge on how to spot scams and what to do if you, or your family, become a victim of online fraud.

If you can’t attend the session in person, you can watch the webinar from home between 10am and 11.30am by booking a free ticket through Eventbrite.

Then, from 11.30am - 1pm, there will be a drop-in session available for anyone who wants extra help, support and information on how to be more scam aware. This session will have members from WSCC's friendly team, alongside Digital Ambassador Volunteers.


Keyless car thefts in Sussex

21 October 2022

Keyless car theft is unfortunately on the rise in Sussex.​Any vehicle with a keyless entry or start system is at risk of being stolen. The most targeted vehicles in Sussex have historically been Range Rovers (especially Sport models), Mercedes and BMWs. A keyless entry system allows the car to unlock when the fob is nearby, without pressing a button. Likewise, a keyless start system involves pushing a button to start the car without the need to insert a key.​There is further information on keyless vehicle theft here.



22 June 2022

Catalytic converters are still going missing, mainly in Horsham but also in rural areas such as Storrington, Shipley, Broadbridge Heath and Ashington. In most cases Hondas and Toyotas are being targeted.It takes just a few minutes to remove a catalytic converter. If you see anyone acting suspiciously around vehicles please report it to the Police.​If the crime is happening now, call 999  - if you are unsure, the Police would rather hear about it and decide if a theft is occurring.If you have information that could help the Police, including video doorbell or CCTV footage, click here to find out how to report it.

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